Help for economic inactive expats

As the result of the Brexit vote, all those economic inactive British expats who live in Europe and get support from their host country because their are European citizens, will lost that support once the U.K. leaves the EU.

What plans does the U.K. have to provide assistance to those expats, now that it has decided to leave the EU.  Currently the government does not help expats in need when they want to return to the U.K.

If you are living below the poverty line¬† and in poor health you are expected to support yourself for 3 to 6 months before you can pass the HRT. But if you are criminal and get deported then they get rewarded for their criminal activity and don’t need to pass the HRT.

I have a friend you is receiving non worked based benefit from the council that is paid only to EU citizens and and being on this benefit will mean the my friend will not qualify resident permit when the U.K. leaves.

To try to help her I have tried to create a fund raising campaign but whether people will donate money for type of cause is unknown.

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